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The center speaker must be placed a little behind the front left / right speaker. It should also be placed above or below the TV set and at the same distance as the front left and front right speakers. The height of the tweeter unit of the first three loudspeakers should be the same, and the distance between the front left and front right loudspeakers and the walls on both sides and the back wall should be the same. The surround speaker can be placed behind or on both sides of the listening position, slightly higher than the height of the human ear (of course, the height of the ear after you sit down). 

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When testing the sound, you can adjust the buttons slightly in the range of 20-20KHz.

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mantern@yahoo.com is not our company email address

Recently we received some feedback that some one is using mantern@yahoo.com to send emails to our clients to make some disturb. Please note this email is not our company email address. If you receive any email from this address. Please ignor. Our company is engaged in all kinds of gas detector, fire fighting, security and safety etc. business for our clients. Our correct email address is sales@mantern.com, sales@mantern-china.com or zzmantern@gmail.com. Thanks for your attention!

INTERSEC 2019 view

After attending this exhibition, we know more about the fire alarm system and fire fighting market, especially Middle East. In order to help more clients, we will try our best to do more.

INTERSEC 2019 Invitation

We will attend Intersec 2019 from 20th. to 22nd. Jan., in 2019. During the exhibition, we will display our main products, gas detector, carbon monoxide detector, fire fighting spare parts(including fire fighting hose/horn, discharge nozzle, Fire fighting water gun, Fire Fighting Valve etc. Our stand

INTERSEC 2018 View

After our trade show INTERSEC2018, we introduced our products and met many new clients. This made us to know more about our market and also let clients know our products well. Also we get more trust by them. Thanks for this exhibition. This is fruitful.

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Mantern Industrial Co., Ltd. is engaged in international business since 2012. Our aim is to provide good products with competitive price for our clients.

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