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Aluminium Alloy Gas Shut Off Valve Gas Solenoid Valve

This Gas Valve is a series of gas emergency shut off solenoid valves, specially designed as gas pipe breaker for emergency use . It can be connected with gas leaking detection sensor ,fire alarm circuit or other intelligent sensor modules so that on site or remote shut down on gas supply (manually or automatically) is possible , hence ensuring the safety on gas usage .the valve features an auto-close when strong vibration is detected .After close, manual operation is required to turn on the valve. This feature meets safety regulations in the event of an accident.
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Technical Data

Suitable gas types: town gas

Closing modes: current impulse or manual

Body: wrought aluminum alloy 

Driving Voltage: DC 9-12V

Sealing material: NBR rubber 

Close time : <1sec

Operation temperature: -10~50℃ 

Explosion proof mark:Exmb ||T4

Pressure max.: 50kpa or 100kpa

Lead wire: 0.4m

Connection: G1/2",G3/4",G1"

Turn on: manual

Working Principal

When the switch is pressed, the capacitor discharges and provides an electric current so that a coil can generate strong magnetic held to pull down the valve, achieving the closing within one second.

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