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Carbon Monoxide Alarm Detector with Battery Operated

This Standalone carbon monoxide detector alarm adopts micro-processing control and electrochemical sensor, featuring high stability, low power consumption and small sensitivity drift. It is mainly used in places where carbon monoxide gas leakage and fire may occur, ensuring personal life safety.
  • MTCOE02
  • Mantern

- Advanced design
- Long Life electro-chemical sensor
- Excellent reliability & high accuracy
- Self test on the sensor and self diagnostics on the electronics
- Easy installation
- Low battery warning
- Designed to latest EN 50291/CE requirements
- Cannot be fitted with battery missing
- Loud 85dB alarm signal
- Supplied with fixing kits
- battery life: more than 1 year
- 9VDC Alkaline battery included

Specifications :

Power9VDC   battery 
Operating   Current20uA (normal) and   20-50 mA
sensitivity to   carbon monoxide:
   --Response time:2MIN
  --Alarming level:150ppm CO±30%
Operating   Temperature0 - 50℃
Ambient   Humidity≤90%RH
Sound Level≥85dB
Battery life≥1 year

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