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Combined Carbon Monoxide Detector and Gas Detector

The combined CO & Gas Detector is mainly used for detecting carbon monoxide and combustible gas, such as natural gas or LPG, butane etc. at home at the same time. When there is any co leakage or gas leakage, the gas detector will give visual and audio alarm to remind persons to take actions to avoid any risk.
  • MTCG02
  • Mantern


* Power Supply : 110V or 220V AC

* Excellent reliability & high stability

* Self test function

* Visual and audible alarm function

* Sensor fault detection

* Can be connected with valve

* Hush function in alarm status.

* Less affected by other organic solvent

* Easy installation with a plastic bracket

* Loud sound signal of 85 dB at alarm mode

Technical data:

Detecting   GasCarbon Monoxide   and Gas
Power110V   - 240V AC
Alarming level10%   - 20% LEL for CH4 and 260ppm for Carbon Monoxide or customerized
SensorSemiconductor   Sensor or Electrohemical sensor
Working Temperature-10   – 50 °C
Optional outputRelay   or Pulse

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