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Conventional Fire Alarm Control Panel

This fire panel is used for fire alarm system. It's conventional type. It has 1 zone, 2 zones, 4 zones, 8 zones, 16 zones, 32 zones etc. It can connect conventional fire alarm, such as smoke alarm, heat alarm, call point, alarm bell etc.
  • MTFP01
  • Mantern


All zones accept conventional detectors and in any normally open contact device

Day/night mode selected

Zone isolate control

Single person test

Key-control evacuate over-ride

Repeater output available

Fire alarm output for remote alarm

Class change terminal for remote control

One form-a alarm relay

One form-a trouble relay

One form-a supervisory relay

Maximum 20 conventional detectors in one zone

Auto/manual mode setting enable walk test

Each zone can be disabled

Sound output can be disabled

Manual active sound output enabled

Able to report short and broken circuit of detection zones

Designed with standby batteries and space provision for two-sealed lead-acid batteries

Testing and disable functions

Both end of line resister and active end of line can be used

Technical data:

Zone numbers: 1, 2, 4, 8,16, 32

AC input: 220 VAC

DC output: 24 VDC

Battery type: 2 x 12 V/1.2 Ah           

Detector connecting: 20pcs (each zone)

End of line resister: 10k

Alarm output: Relay

Siren output: Available

Display: Led

Operating temp.: -10℃~+50℃

Dimension: 320x 245x 90mm

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