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Conventional Wired Heat Detector

This heat detector is used for fire fighting system for heat detecting. It adopts advanced MCU to keep the good quality. It is very stable, low standby current. The voltage is 9-35 V DC wide range. It will give LED flash if there is any alarm.
  • MTHD02
  • Mantern


• SMT adopted, high stability

• Low standby current

• Anti-RFI& anti-EMI

• 9~35vdc wide voltage

• Duel led for 360 visual

• Flashing led power indicator

Technical data:

1. Operating voltage:DC:9V~35V

2. Standby current:≤55uA

3. Alarm current: ≤55mA@DC24V;    ≤25mA@DC12V

4. Alarm indication: red LED

5. Reset: power off or auto reset

6. Operating temperature:  -10℃ +50℃

7. Operating humidity: ≤95 RH

8. Alarm output:  Remote led for 2 wires; relay output for 4 wires

9. Contact rating N/A for 2 wires;  0.5A@DC28V for 4 wires

10. Alarm point: ate-of-rise alarm:  temperature rising rate >8℃/M;

                                       Fixed temperature alarm: 57℃(135°F)

11. Standard ED54-7 UL268

12. Dimension D101mm.*H55mm

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