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Online Fixed Combustible Gas Natural Gas Transmitter Detector

This natural gas detector transmitter use advanced catalytic gas sensor. This gas detection transmitters have been developed with years of experience in the development and production of gas detections, and can be widely used in metallurgy, petroleum, chemical, coking, municipal, gas, sewage treatment and special industries, and apply for continuous monitoring of a variety of gas concentration in working environments. Transmitters use explosion-proof design, 4mA ~ 20mA standard signal or directly into the DCS system, this transmitter is high sensitivity, fast response, long life, short polarization time and so on. Our products have achieved the domestic similar product advanced level.
  • MT003
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1. EX measurement range is 0 to 100%

2. Installation is triangle hole design, more stable

3. Imported sensors, high sensitivity and high reliability

4. Gas Detector is waterproof dustproof design side, working humidity range 15-95% (RH)

5. CNEx explosive proof, China official certificate

6. Continuously measure the gas concentration in the air

7. The Gas Transmitter can detect LEL/CO/ H2S/ H2/ SO2/ NH3/ NO/ NO2/ CL2/ O3/ O2/ CO2/ PH3/ HCL/ HCHO/ C6H6,etc..

Technical Data:

Model No.MT003
SensorCatalytic Gas Sensor
Responding time≤40s
Work patternContinuous operation
Working power supply DC24V
Output Current4-20mA(or   direct output relay switch)
OutputTwo-wire or   three-wire system(combustible gas only two-wire system)
Temperature range-20℃ ~ 50℃
Humidity range10 ~ 90%(RH)No condensation
Ex-ProofExd II CT6
Installing modeWall or pipeline   mounted installing
Outline dimension150mm×190mm×75mm

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